How it Works

ArtVan is a 501c3 non-profit free mobile arts therapy program that brings art via colorful painted van to children, teens and adults who have the least amount of social services, after school and summer activities available to them.

Projects are designed to address the many unique needs and specific situations that occur in each population.

The art making process provides a tangible means to transform ideas, feelings, and stories.
Our work is integral in enabling individuals to make sense of the world around them.

The art making process is a direct way to:
~~ channel feelings ~~
~~ adjust to new circumstances ~~
~~ come up with creative solutions to problems ~~

The ArtVan Program is not just about the art. We also:
~~ build trust ~~
~~ create healthy relationships ~~
~~ encourage healthy risk taking ~~

   As one young ArtVan participant stated, “I can draw and paint whatever I feel, because when I try to explain it, no one gets it.”