“Hats for Sale” x The Cryer

This is a wonderful chance to pull out unused hats to refurbish into a one-of-a-kind expressive headpiece. Or you can create one out of Paper Mache, Yarn, String, Balloon, Cardboard, Newspaper, etc. Embellish with buttons, bows, colored paper, fabric, bric-a-brac. Paint it, stain it, bedazzle it into a one-of-a-kind expressive piece. Take it to wherever you want it to go. A hot glue gun is an easy way to affix embellishments when making a hat. Fabric glue is also handy. Staples, tape etc. It is a good idea to measure the inner band so folks who are interested in purchasing have an idea of size. If you are making your own band measure your head first and go from there.
Makers who’d like to sell your hat/s, you can choose to donate the whole proceeds to ArtVan or 50% of total sale. Hats will be shown for sale on ArtVan’s website starting on April 15th, two weeks before the Kentucky Derby on May 1, 2021. Please fill out the form below if you intend to sell. If you’re unsure, you’re welcome to contact Christine DeTroy with any questions and to sign-up at a later date.

SIGN UP to let us know you’ll be participating and/or stay updated with the latest news! We’ll post images on ArtVan’s event and Facebook page. ArtVan inquiries and photo submissions, please email Shannon Els at shannon@artvanprogram.org. “Hats for Sale” event questions, call Christine DeTroy at 207-213-5268.