This week at ArtVan, youth artists painted planets. They were encouraged to imagine what their planet would look like, who might live there, and what the culture and customs of their planet’s inhabitants might be. One youth artist called her planet “Pennia Planet” because it looked like a penny, and described it as a peaceful planet where there’s no war, people eat moonstones, and they live in apartments.

From left to right: "Pennia Planet," "Tree Planet," and "Mars surrounded by stars"

Another youth created a planet called “Universary,” a planet inhabited by people and animals (but no bugs!), that was split into three distinct tribes following a war. Other youth artists collaborated on a splatter-paint galaxy painting, and some painted their own interpretations of Earth, Mars, Mercury, and Uranus.


We encouraged youth artists to think of their planet as a representation of themselves, but also as part of a solar system of all the other planets around them, representing how each of us are connected to one another and play an important role in our community.