All of our projects aim to inspire art-making with a variety of materials to explore. If someone does not have access to supplies, we find a way to provide some!


We use a community-based group setting with a co-leader approach to model co-parenting and offer a wider range of artistic skill sets and opportunities to:


Art offers a way to support the development of social, emotional, physical and interpersonal skills in people of all ages.


Since 2004, ArtVan has provided therapeutic arts, strengths-based programs to under-resourced neighborhoods, due to numerous grants and steady support from individual donors and foundational grants. 

  • Maritime Apartments, Bath
  • Atlantic Townhouses, Bath
  • Perryman Village, Brunswick
  • Lewiston Public Library
  • Tree Street Neighborhood, Lewiston
  • Bacon Street, Biddeford
  • Family Development, Auburn
  • Broadview Acres, Auburn


CPPs may be on a one-time or ongoing basis, depending on the hiring organization who pays a fee-for-service cost for the program. ArtVan works with all populations, agencies, and organizations to support specific needs and requests. 

  • Lewiston Public Schools
  • River ValleyVillage
  • Horizon Program
  • The Center of Wisdom’s Women
  • Youth Leaderships Advisory Team (YLAT)