An Artist in Everyone

It was the first visit for a youth from the NFI neighborhood. He shared that he didn’t like art and that he probably would not be joining. Jamie told him that was okay and described how at ArtVan we offer lots of choices of materials, and it’s really about playing, exploring, and hanging out with one another. There are no expectations as an artist. There are no grades and everyone’s artwork is welcome.

He joined in our check-in, but when we started to make art he chose to sit by a tree by himself, saying he would prefer to be alone. Some time passed, and the next thing we knew he was joining the rest of the youth on the tarp and created a collage of a beautiful, white winter rabbit and drew in a carrot and a bath with teal bath soaps for the rabbit.

As he left, we were very grateful and happy to see him hopping away like a rabbit across the field with his peers.