Art: A Thousand Words

Art is often used when there are no words to fit what we want to express. But sometimes it’s important to process artwork using words as a reflection. Here are a few words we could share about the process and environment of art making at ArtVan:

Unsure. Questions. Materials. Tools. Exploration. Discovery. More Questions. Change. Build. Open. Deconstruct. Close. Share. Answers. Confidence. Trust. Friends. Safe. Potential. Stop and Start. Anticipation. Exchange. Collaboration. Individual. Create.

Most of these words come from the process of making art. We use art as a way to see things in new ways. A lot happens in our programs that go beyond the final product that you might see. The kids, our staff, the environment we work in….all contribute to the greater art that happens at ArtVan. Much of what we do is hard to put into words, like the moments when we see a kid who has been struggling with the challenges of the day shift his energy by working through materials. If only we could share the changes in his body language, the choices of material and the way he is using them. Words leave out a lot of nuance that art creates but helps us understand and share the greater story.