ArtVan on News Center Maine’s 207

We are thrilled and honored to be highlighted in a recent 207 spotlight! Jamie Silvestri, Founder/Art Therapist/Executive Director was interviewed by 207’s Amanda Hill and Devin from their crew joined us as we distributed ArtBags to Youth.

Jamie shares just how impactful the ArtVan model and therapeutic mission offer a means for connection especially during these months of social-distance and isolation. “The first step in that is creating a safe space for creativity and self-expression. Ultimately, once the art starts; so does the connection. “A lot is social skills and kindness,” says Silvestri. “Dealing with peer conflicts and family conflicts, and offering them the space to express that in a way that’s safe to themselves and others.”

Can you spot the Youth who exclaims, “Are these all for me?!”. How about when Jamie dives into the social and emotional benefits of the therapeutic approaches our trained Art Therapists offer? Through relationships, consistency, genuine care, and creative expression, we’re moving through the winter, determined to keep checking in with one another and our core neighborhood Youth!

Thanks for tuning in! Click for the full article.