ArtVan Programs

Core Neighborhood Programs:

Direct on-site Art Therapy Programs for all Youth who live in under-resourced settings. The primary focus of our programmatic work is onsite Art Therapy services for Youth who live in under-resourced neighborhoods. These include our eight ongoing “Core Neighborhood Programs,” beginning with Maritime Apartments and Hyde Park in Bath in 2004; Perryman Village, Brunswick, 2005; Lewiston Public Library and “Tree Streets Neighborhood,” Lewiston, 2006; Bacon Street neighborhood, Biddeford, 2007; and Family Development and Broadview Acres, Auburn, 2008.

Often we collaborate with local organizations and incorporate environmental, social justice, and educational learning within our programming.

Community Partnership Programs:

Art Therapy Programs in addition to our Core Neighborhood services. These are programs that may be on a one-time or ongoing basis, depending on the hiring organization who pays a fee-for-service cost for the program services. ArtVan will work with all populations, agencies, and organizations to support the needs and requests of these services.

Presently, The Center for Wisdom’s Women, Lewiston, a safe space for woman who may have a history of domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental illness; Lewiston Public Schools, school day art sessions; River Valley Village, a private subsidized housing development, Lewiston; and Horizon Program, a support program for people who are HIV positive in the Augusta area. All adult and Youth programs are led by our well-trained Art Therapist and Teaching Artist, who approach program planning and project implementation by drawing from the “artist within,” clinical experiences, and their vast knowledge of Art Therapy’s use of a variety of art materials and techniques in order to strengthen the lives of those we serve. We
emphasize the imaginative and creative process as much as the clinical process and end products. Together we create a safe, creative, compassionate learning environment for all individuals served by our programs.