ArtVan Says Thank You: New Growth

Peter Felsenthal’s New Growth: Portraits of Six Maine Organic Farms, shows a side of organic farming that the public may not see. The men and women who work on these farms “are building local community through food grown and raised in ways that give back to the land. They are using 21st century science to replenish the soil while helping people in their local communities connect to the sources of their food”.

Using both photography and prose, Felsenthal “captures the spirit and voices of these six farms”. Peter generously donates a portion of the proceeds from this book to ArtVan and the Freight Shed in Bath. We appreciate his commitment to community and connecting people with local food sources. Thank you Peter, for supporting ArtVan and farmers in Maine!

You can buy New Growth: Portraits of Six Maine Organic Farms here or by visiting ArtVan at local farmers’ markets.