Big Top Deli in Rainbow Restaurant Fundraiser!

Big Top Deli in Rainbow Restaurant Fundraiser!

ArtVan’s Rainbow Restaurant Fundraiser starts TODAY!!!!!!! We are so grateful for all the amazing local restaurants that are participating in this great event.

Big Top Deli is making it very easy for you to participate in the Rainbow Restaurant Fundraiser this year– you can buy ANY ITEM (food, drink, etc.) and support ArtVan all this week! The Gobbler, a Breakfast Sandwich, the Avocadowich, the Big Top, or even buying a soda… all will support ArtVan. Stop by between today (Monday, October 12th) and Sunday, October 18th!

A BIG REMINDER– You need to mention that you are there to support ArtVan for it to really count! If you mention that you are there for ArtVan, then 100% of your purchase will be donated to us. If you don’t, only 5% will be donated. This is a HUGE difference. Write it on your hand, put a colorful rubber band around your finger or tell your dining guest to remind you!

Got it? Now go eat up!