Caticorns & Wood Creations

We have so much fun with clay! Its malleable and soft texture encourage different interactions, imaginations, and movements.

River Valley Village youth artists made wood creations on our last day in their neighborhood this summer! By repurposing these wood boxes, using weaving, bright colors, and one’s unique voice, we can explore how differently each individual uses similar resources.


Last week, individuals and families pointed out their connection to ArtVan.

  • Virginia and her family’s oldest daughter Kassie worked with ArtVan since she was two-years-old (same as her little sister) and Kassie is now 17.
  • A mom and her 2 daughters attended ArtVan. The Mom asked, “do you remember me? I went to ArtVan when I was a teen at Lewiston Public Library”.
  • Elizabeth walked up to ArtVan before heading to Perryman Village in Brunswick…”Do you remember me? I’m Elizabeth, I am now 14 and live in Bowdoinham, I loved ArtVan”.

This Week’s Staff Creative Share Theme (pictured below)
Throughout the summer, we are exploring elements of our group processing and co-facilitation model. As a team, we come together to share stories, questions, and publications so that we can continue learning, adapting, and expanding what we bring to each ArtVan session & interaction.

By exploring our individual leadership styles, we not only get to know each other’s strengths but also can appreciate our differences. Through a co-facilitation model, different opportunities pose a variety of ways to interact with others, so taking time to reflect adds intention into each jam-packed summer day.

We hope you will share your observations, insights, and questions as you checkout how we are rolling. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we rely on foundations, corporate gifts, and individual giving. If you are in a position to support our program funding, please visit our Donate page or mail a check to 10 State Road, PMB 272, Bath, ME 04530 (zero processing fees).

Tune in for next week’s adventures with self-portraits & wood!