ArtVan's Creative Share

Each month, The Cryer hosts our Creative Share, sponsored by business partnerships, all to promote artistic self-expression and community sharing. Set aside time once, twice, maybe even weekly, to explore each month’s theme. No matter what style of artist or whether you see yourself as one or not, we invite you to share and join us in a collective gallery of artful exploration.You may like to collect materials like scrap paper, magazines, yarn, junk mail, and perhaps add words, poetry, lyrics, or play around with music. Maybe even doodle, tear, glue, or sew to fill up your heart. The possibilities are infinite! Art can be transformed into a card to send to a loved one, hearts to post in the window for neighbors to see, or a note to a family member full of pictures of the things you love about them. Perhaps hide it in a special place to be discovered!

Consider sending us a photo with as much or little description as you wish to share and note whether
we can post on social media. We’ve also just started a private Facebook Creative Sharing Group, so we’d love for you to join us here and help us build something wonderful. We are looking for sponsors to help make this offering monthly in The Cryer. Interested? Please email ArtVan’s Shannon Els today!

Thank you to our neighbors and friends who have shared their creative expressions!

Ursula B., Brunswick