Family-Friendly Fun
& 'Hats for Sale' Gallery!

It wouldn’t be an ArtVan event without opportunities to express yourself! There will be art-making stations set up alongside a gallery of spring’s ‘Hats for Sale’ collection by local artists.

Auction Items

Make sure to buy your tickets online or at the door to take part in the auction for experiences such as a private sailing excursion, massage, SeaDogs tickets, pottery, and more!

With each gift, the arts keep rolling!

ArtVan is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that accepts tax-deductible donations. Check Donations are always welcome because there are zero processing fees. Mail checks to 10 State Rd. PMB 272, Bath, ME 04530

Our art materials come from a variety of sources, like bulk online orders, local donations, and household items that can be repurposed safely. The Mix on Maine in Brunswick is a local drop-off location, too!