Dreams with Watercolors

This week, youth artists used watercolor ink and oil pastels to create artwork centered around the theme of “dreams.” For check in, we asked, “what do you dream of?” The youth shared, “I dream of being a basketball player,” “I dream that I can fly!” “I dream of being an artist!”
As youth explored the watercolor inks and discovered the way the inks blend together with water, one child shared, “I made a galaxy. This is Princess Galaxy where all the planets are princesses. It’s a peaceful galaxy and they are all friends.”
After sharing a dream during check-in, a youth artist brought her dream to life in her artwork: “I dream about a water dragon and a fire dragon. They fight, the water dragon wins and this is good as it is good for the earth…the earth needs water.”
One youth artist sketched out hearts with oil pastels before painting with ink on top, and discovered how the ink resists the pastels, making the drawing pop out. She shared, “I mixed my own colors, I put red on top of blue to make purple. I love art, it makes me happy.”