FAQ-Where programs offered

Where do you currently offer programs?

Our Core Neighborhoods are located in Bath, Brunswick, Lewiston and Auburn.

In our Fee for Service program, we have worked throughout Androscoggin, Cumberland and Sagadahoc counties.

Click here to see our fall 2014 neighborhood and fee for service schedule.

FAQ-Types of Programming

What types of programs do you run?

In our core neighborhoods, we go directly into low income housing developments to provide the healing powers of art to those who need it most! This way kids do not have to find money or transportation to access fun, productive, healthy activities.

In our Community Partnership Programs, we tailor our art therapy services to address the unique needs, concerns, and interest areas associated with the specific population we are committed to working with. We include all populations, and collaborate with both the hiring organization and participants to ensure a direct quality, hands-on, creative, and successful experience to further develop the goals the organization has set for their constituents.


What happens in a typical neighborhood session?

When the ArtVan rolls into a neighborhood, the excitement is palpable. The ArtVan staff honk the horn to alert youth that the program is about to start. After unloading materials, the staff perform a warm-up activity to check in with participants and they review the rules of respect. Then, the art project for the day is described.

The staff facilitates the youth artists' brainstorming process by suggesting art techniques and interacting with artists on an individual level. The session concludes with a collective clean up effort, and artists take their masterpieces home.

FAQ-How does it work?

What kinds of art do you do?

Every week at ArtVan is a different experience. The art projects vary from basic activities such as drawing, weaving and explorations in color, to more complex undertakings such as sculpture and collage. A different theme is chosen for each session to guide the creation process. Participants are encouraged to take risks through the creative process, to express their own ideas, and to take ownership of their work.


Where do you get your supplies?

Many of our supplies also come from the local communities and local families. Recycled materials can often make fabulous works of art. Small business also frequently offer us items for the programs for free or at a reduced price.

Please read our donation guidelines if you are interested in contributing.

FAQ-Funding Programs

How do you fund your programs?

Most of our funding comes directly from community support. Donations of any amount help provide essential programming.

Please find out more about our funding here. Or, click here to donate now.