Frontier Specials for Rainbow Restaurant Fundraiser

Frontier Specials for Rainbow Restaurant Fundraiser

Participating for the second year running, Frontier provides many delicious ways for you to support ArtVan through the Rainbow Restaurant Fundraiser. Note in the photo that part of the ArtVan team and supporters had a great time sampling meals at Frontier last night– thanks for hosting us!

Here’s a complete list of the delicious options!

Chorizo Mussels | PEI Mussels, Spanish chorizo, garlic,shallot, and lemon in a white wine & tomato broth topped with fresh herbs and served with grilled naan, baguette, or gluten free bread (Half or Full) | 8.5/16

Italian Marketplate 2.0 | Salami, Buratta mozzarella, potato focaccia, cherry tomatoes, pesto, black olive tapenade, piquillo peppers, and white anchovies | 17

Veggie Sandwich (V) | Baba ghanoush, roasted squash, cucumber, pickled red onion, parsley, and romaine on grilled ciabatta bread | 13 Add cheddar | 3

Squash Risotto (G) (V) | Arborio rice with roasted local squash & Brussels sprout, preserved lemon, fresh herbs, toasted pepitas, and fried leeks | 16Add Buratta cheese | 3

Apricot vodka, Green Chartreuse, Cherry Herring,cranberry, lime squeeze, rocks, Tahitian vanilla rim | 11

Hornitos Resposado tequila, Frangelico, Domaine deCanton, lemon squeeze, house walnut bitters, rocks | 10.5

Coffee gin, Cynar, Creme Yvette, up, Luxardo cherry | 11