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With the encouragement of fellow artist Christine DeTroy, we’re launching ‘Hats for Sale’ a collection and recognition of the many hats each and everyone of us wear in our daily lives. Artists from our local community have donated their talents to create hats uniquely for this event — all to raise $ for ArtVan! Community, collaboration, and creativity at work here. Whoa, how lucky are we?! All Artists are donating 50%-100% of the proceeds towards ArtVan. Do you see a hat you’d like to purchase? Contact the Artist directly to purchase — starting Saturday, April 17th. Hats go to the FIRST person to contact the Artist.

meet the artists

Scroll along to explore each hat and its maker – as if you were at a gallery or your very own hat shop. You may also choose to click on each artist separately. If so, you’ll hop down to their part of the shop. Use the arrow at the bottom right of the page to come back to the top!  At the end of the month, some hats will be displayed in the windows of Riley’s Insurance in downtown Brunswick. Stay tuned!

Emerald Dream
by Christine DeTroy Jr.

“Emerald Dream” came from a dream I had recently of a Vintage hat of vivid layered greens. For this piece I used a vintage hat and added bits and pieces of color sourced from a variety of materials and textures. A strong interest and a Love of Historical dress along with recycled whimsy were my motivators. Can be worn up higher on the head, tilted or pulled down. As with most hats, it adapts to the person who wears it.

Size – Small/Medium – 22″
Price is $125 + shipping *local delivery up to 50 miles available

I enjoy the process of creating and I do Love hats. It is so important to give our Youth opportunities in the world of Art. Being engaged in Art and the creative process is a great reliever of stress and stressors. The ArtVan program understands this and brings joy and possibilities in creative expressions directly to Youth. Art Heals.

'le cafe chapeau'
by Christine DeTroy Jr.

Inspired by the recycling of Coffee Burlap sacks and a Love of coffee. Trimmed with sage green burlap ribbon and applied coffee beans. The underside lining is from a camo netting from a Maine State Music Theatre fabric give away over a decade ago. Again, A strong interest and a Love of Historical dress along with recycled whimsy were my motivators.


Christine is a Designer and Producer of “Mid-coast Altered Couture Contest” a yearly Community romp that celebrates local talent and raises funding and awareness of local youth art programs.

Felted Spring Bonnet Extravaganza
by Leslie Beattie

I’ve been a maker since I can remember…I love creating with unusual materials…reusing and recycling wherever I can. The hat project has afforded me the opportunity to use my imagination and lots of recycled wool! I’m thrilled to participate in an event that will bring art to children…they are the makers of tomorrow!

Up-cycled wool sweaters (body and some flower parts made of cashmere!), fabric covered wire, decorative ribbon, hand-dyed silk thread, a drop of hot glue and a snitch of elastic
 Hat Sizing: Size 7 built to fit 22” circumference with some elastic stretch
Price & Shipping: $120 + $15 shipping
*local pick-up available at The Mix!
The Mix |  53 Maine Street, Brunswick, ME

Felted Wool & Silk Hat
by Marina Rheault Post

Marina Rheault Post is a self-taught interdisciplinary fiber artist in Chicago who has used varied media to create tactile objects of hope and beauty. She currently explores the alchemy and synergy of natural fibers both protein and cellulose. With an inherent love of vessels, hats have been integral to her practice as a hat is a vessel upturned on  the head! She also loves teaching any who want to learn.

Sizing: Small to Medium
$350 inclu. shipping

Anna McDougal

"I'm a Spindleworks artist. My hat is full of vibrant colors of nature and beauty. We should be thankful for what we have I have been involved with Altered couture for many years. I’m very thankful for ArtVan to do this virtually and I’m so happy we are doing this. I am a self advocate for people with disabilities and I love making art and I am a published book author called, "A Look Back". I have represented Maine when I went to Austria for world winter special olympics."

Size: Medium
Price: $75

Amy Alexander

Art has saved me many times on many levels , art was one of the few things l received encouraging words & highest grades as a child in school. I feel honored to support the ArtVan community.

Price: $50

a howdy pilgrim hat
by Nancy Curtis-Strange

What may have been worn by the locals, whilst welcoming the first North American immigrants. The hat is made of recycled resin hat form, tail and wing wild turkey feathers.

Size:  Medium
Price: $50

giant octopus that swims on plastic water by Bridget Mcalonan

I love using art to tell stories–stories about dreams I’ve had, things I’ve experienced or often as the springboard to tell bad jokes. Using mixed media – drawing, painting, and puppetry – is my favorite way of working. This hat is a giant octopus that swims on plastic water and is made of mostly recycled materials (trash).

This octopus hat is totally impractical. It is made from paper mache, paint and plastic bags. It will not fit through the average door while you wear it. It will keep the rain off but only until the rain dissolves it. It requires that you walk with impeccable posture while wearing it. It fits a small head (however not a small mind…) Shipping will be interesting.

Price: $125

the mermaid hat
by Pat Cannon

"There is so much good fun, energy, questions, wondering and discoveries in this process of creating! Creative Play in whatever form is good for the soul! I love how the ArtVan program dynamically creates conditions for creativity in our community with people of all ages and walks of life. Very happy to participate in "Hats for Sale'. Though sound and song and poetry are my go-to mediums, I've been really enjoying making hats, and scarfs with a crochet hook and different colored, and textured yarn."

Inspired by a walk in the beach.  It is crocheted using colors, textures, wavy lines and even “found objects” on the beach! Made of acrylic, wool, cotton and metallic yarns.

Mermaid Hat (top): $45

Dark Blue with Teal Stripe: SOLD

Teal with White Strip: SOLD

ellen pizzo

“I’ve been drawing and making hats and clothing since I can remember. My cats and Barbie dolls were quite stylish as I was growing up and for awhile I was considering going to school for fashion design but then my other love of cooking took a front seat and I started working in the food service industry but never stopped creating. I’m very honored to be a part of this fundraiser for the ArtVan.

Made of miscellaneous recycled stuff around the house! “I love how I can look at it and see where each item is from, for instance, the green flowers were from my wedding, the feather pin from my aunt, the faux leather from my David Bowie costume, the tropical print fabric from a dress I’ve been meaning to make for at least 6 years!  I used an old straw visor I had (which holds its own memories), cut it up and sewed it to a headband.”

Size: Medium
Price: $50

deirdre nice

I felted a bunch of sweaters and decided upon the combo of fuchsia pink cardigan and the deep blue pullover. I used a greenish/blue silk thread to sew it up. I love making things out of old sweaters. This a simple but pretty design. I had fun making it.

Price: $45

Julie wise Criscitiello

Julie is enjoying a return to her sewing machine after many years and has completed three projects so far, a dress, a jumpsuit and a couple of hats. It’s anybody’s guess what she will sew next!

Two hand-sewn hats using McCall’s pattern M7766 and fabric from non other than Topsham’s wonderful Joanne Fabrics. Flowers are crocheted by daughter, Adele Wise.

Size: Medium
Brown Cap – SOLD

Yellow Sun Hat – $45

jennifer dunlap

"I'm honored to take part in this thoughtful event in support of the ArtVan community; merging my love of art and horticultural elegance. This hat creation is made with botanical beauties, grown with love and patience, at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Most days you'll find me there tending to the Bibby and Harold Alfond Children's Garden, but my heart's work is at home, raising two small children alongside a bountiful vegetable and herb garden."

Price: $85

emma becker

Emma is a passionate painter of watercolors and acrylics who paints from memories, fantasies, and still life. Her delicate compositions are imbued with a sense of another world, one that is more quiet, peaceful, and cast in a golden light. Yet her work is not sentimental, but rather is a wonderful reflection of the gentle way that she walks through her day. She is a focused and dedicated artist who weighs carefully how she spends her time. When not painting, Emma finds time to embroider, knit, and work with ceramics.

Size: Medium
Price: $65

haus hut
by Matthew detroy

I am most happy when I’m creating something. Whether it’s drawing in pen and ink, digital art, making weird hats or making music. It’s mostly about the process and losing oneself in that moment. Of course, it’s nice when it looks or sounds good too. My hat is named “ HausHut” which in German means “ House Hat”. I got my inspiration from my previous career in the building business and wanting to build from a different angle.

The House that Matt built, “Haus Hut”, sets atop a Vintage Straw Hat. Made from foam core board and a bit of March Madness this one-of-a-kind hat would fit a Small to Med head. It comes also with a Bolo tie to hold comfortably in place.

dianna oliver

I am a hard-working multi-media artist exploring shapes and scale through drawing with pencil, pen, ink and watercolor techniques, fiber techniques including embroidery and weaving stripes and color blocks into my work. I enjoy pottery and trying new approaches. Through the pandemic I have stayed connected with other artists. I am a participant at Spindleworks Artist Studios and enjoy working in a group atmosphere and on group projects.

Handwoven cotton and wool

Size: Medium
Price: $50

by sophie hill

I love how a hat can accentuate subtleties in personality in a bold and wordless statement! In a world where many of us are taught to conform and get in line, it is so important to support and cherish those enterprises which support authentic individual expression, like the ArtVan.  For me, creating things from seemingly random components, has helped me to have deeper appreciation for the chaotic aspects and expressions of myself and come into greater acceptance of being.

A large hat made from an old cast aside paper window lantern, papier-mâché, odds n ends. Outfitted with interior tap lights. Made mostly of paper, don’t wear in the rain! 
Size: 21.75 inches, give or take half an inch

Price: $175

fun & flirty spring hat
by sienna dode

I've been making art all my life. I paint. I make collage. I decorate boxes. I craft wreaths and garlands. I love a creative challenge...especially with a hat. I love wearing hats. They give character to an outfit while protecting you from UV rays. I plan to choose a hat from my collection and upcycle it into a new, colorful creation that someone won't be able to resist.

Off white, pink, peach, orange. Striped coral/off white straw “upcycled” with coordinating swirl print orange/pink/white cotton fabric with ribbon/floral/berry embellishment.

kaleele sarkis-ahlers

I have never looked good in a hat, however I love the look of a hat on everyone else! Hats and Fascinators are great conversation pieces. People walk up to you and start talking and laughing. I have been making Fascinators for a very long time and hats are a natural progression. My Fascinators and Hats are made using feathers from happy healthy birds from around the world, silk and felt flowers, antique rhinestone jewelry and a host of other things that enhance what I am making.

Felt, sinuway, feathers, rhinestone jewelry, silk ribbon, paint , beads, silk and felt flowers
Black Felt Hat: $125
Green Sinuway Hat: $125
Blue Sinuway Hat: $125
Feather Fascinator: $55 SOLD
Pink Rhinestone Fascinator: $55
Blue Rhinestone Fascinator: $55

nancy bassett

Nancy’s colorful wraps and paintings directly reflect her contagious enthusiasm and joie de vivre. She will show you that she has difficulty using one of her hands and then proudly display how easily she weaves nonetheless. Nancy’s paintings vibrate with the same energy that she herself exudes. Trees, animals and other creatures seem to wriggle on the page with excitement. Her palette is as sunny as her disposition and one only need to visit with her a short while to understand how foolish the word
”disability” is.

Embroidery embellishment on straw base. 

Size: Medium
Price: $50

tie dyed cotton fedora
by karen mcgann

Karen brings an ease and assuredness to whatever medium she chooses to use. Her  whimsical spirit comes to life through her sculptural and ceramic projects, and her paintings which focus on animals and other natural scenes. Karen is a good friend to her Spindleworks studio mates, always ready to help teach a new skill or offer support.

Size: Women’s medium
Price: $40

viking x peruvian wool hat by mandy russell

I wear many hats, often all at once. Mother, wife, cook, maid, artist, teacher, and more, but not always in that order. I especially love to escape into that right-brained and zen-like head space by creating with my hands. I also love to share my creative inspiration with others by offering local workshops to adults and children. Inspiration is after all quite contagious!

Made from a super soft 100% Highland Peruvian wool called Woolstök. A Bluesky company. Absolutely hand wash only. However, the wool isn’t scratchy at all – not one bit. Fits any large teen to adult head.

Price: $125

The Painted Dog Studio – a darling little art studio specializing in the tinkering of crafty shenanigans in Brunswick, ME.

a whimsical garden party
by Emily DeTroy

The base of the hat is straw/paper, using acrylic paint to create a black canvas and selectively applied googly-eyes to mimic a lace fringe. This hat is to be worn exclusively on a dry temperate day to a whimsical garden party.

Size: Small
Price: $30

halo hat
by laurie sims

"I can wear a hat or take it off, but either way it's a conversation piece.” Hedda Hopper

Crocheted with SEACOLORS Yarn donated by Nanne Kennedy at

100% Polwarth ’No Itch’ wool
Price: $75