How ArtVan Works

ArtVan provides many diverse, enriching programs!

In the neighborhoods

we go directly into low income housing developments to provide the healing powers of art to those who need it most! This way kids do not have to find money or transportation to access fun, productive, healthy activities.

After school

we setup in-depth after-school art programs to give kids options in this sports-centered sphere. Through our curriculum, kids learn different art techniques, go on fieldtrips to artist studios, galleries, and museums, and create a positive self image by displaying their work in local venues. We have had great success with AVAX (ArtVan Artists Xtraordinarie), a program at Bath Middle School that has been going strong since 2006!

Artist mentoring

Staff and interns work side by side to mentor older youth artists in our program to help develop their artistic practice, create portfolios, prepare work for exhibit and apply to college and art programs. In return, these youth assist in storage, with fundraising and programming and mentor younger ArtVan artists.