Looking Out & Looking In

We asked youth artists, “If you looked through a magical window, what would you want to see?” Each artist explored this question by picking out a matte board frame to draw on with markers or oil pastels, with the option to hang string, wire, and decorative paper on the inside of their frame. Each youth artist saw something different through their magic frame, from rainbows and unicorns to dragons and bears. Some artists saw themselves, surrounded by friends and family.

One child shared, “I see myself as an artist,” while two youth artists worked together to make a collaborative magic window. “I see magical rainbows and dragons when I look through my window.”

“I can scribble when I’m angry. Making art makes me feel good,” shared another youth as she worked on her magic window. She taped strings along her frame, and when she was done she strummed the strings like a harp, saying, “When I look through my window I see strings that play a magical song!”

This week we were so happy and grateful to return to the Center for Wisdom’s Women in Lewiston for the first time in over a year and a half! We began program with a magnet poetry check-in, a favorite ArtVan activity at the center, where everyone introduces themselves with a poem created from a random handful of poetry magnets.

Filled with joy and gratitude to be making art together again with ArtVan, the women created “Gratitude Boxes” filled with symbols and words. Our friends at the women’s center expressed gratitude for their friends, family, the Center, ArtVan, themselves, and so much more. Several of the women shared that they will continue adding on to their boxes at home, and if they are feeling down or having a bad day they will look inside to remind themselves of what they are grateful for.