My Maine Tee Supports ArtVan!

Morgan Mitchell, founder of My Maine Tee, is inspirational, motivated, creative and genuine. In her own words, here’s why she decided to collaborate with ArtVan:

“As I develop the concept for My Maine Tee, I construct its walls around my unwavering respect for the creative process and promoting its growth in Maine. ArtVan embodies the healing power of art and creativity.  ArtVan programs create a space where all participants feel seen, safe, and, honored.  Each process is celebrated–never judged or questioned.  I chose to collaborate with the ArtVan, donating $1 from every tee sold to the organization, because of its inclusive model and consistent dedication to healing and creativity in Maine.  I feel humbled and grateful to be starting my own creative business and I am thrilled to be working with ArtVan, a dynamic organization that encourages other creative works and expressions.”

Thanks, Morgan! We are so excited to work with you!

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