November News

ArtVan is the only program we've had serving our Youth since March.

Auburn Housing Development's Residential Coordinator, Laura Penley-Beaudoin

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the contributions that allow us to offer quality, direct therapeutic support to our local Youth during this incredibly challenging time. As the winter approaches and indoor community spaces remain closed, ArtVan will continue to deliver on our mission.

In recent weeks, ArtVan Youth have worked through wind, rain, unexpected flurries, and freezing temperatures. We have been amazed by their resilience, inspired by their creativity, propelled by their dedication and hunger for socialization.

We need your support today! In order to continue providing opportunities for Youth to engage with art throughout the winter, ArtVan will be distributing free ArtBags which include art materials, instructional project ideas, and online content to our core neighborhoods.

1,477 Youth in Core Neighborhoods Participated in 2019

Each week, in our COVID-adaptive model Jamie, Bailey, and Jalin go directly into under-resourced neighborhoods to bring project materials and ideas that encourage Youth to explore new ways to understand and express themselves as they navigate the emotional impact of change, anticipation, isolation and ambiguity inherent to our current moment in history.

Our experienced Art Therapists are crucial to how ArtVan benefits the Youth we serve; access to no-cost,  year-round, weekly opportunities for support from professional therapists is a privilege that would otherwise be unavailable to most.

 “I think we forget, in the feeling of how hard COVID is for adults, that it is even harder for kids. Yes, they are often more flexible in their thinking, but the changes & challenges they are dealing with impacting all kids on an emotional level, even the most resilient.”

Portland Schools Teacher Strategist, Blair Bacon

Through individual attention, we show that we value each Youth as a human being, and adapt our Art Therapy program to their unique physical, cognitive, and emotional needs. When Youth consistently join our programs, and parents praise our work, we know the work we do is valued, essential, and effective.

Celia (below), age 7, styles her official ArtVan hat and displays her journal which she draws in and is very proud to share with us. She’s been a part of ArtVan since she was 2-years-old when her older sister Emma, ArtVan Youth (now 20!), brought her. Celia and will be creating coloring pages for our ArtBags this winter season! Go, Celia, Go!

Have You Met Bailey?

Bailey Knox is ArtVan’s new Expressive Arts Therapist! Her experience working with children, families, groups, and adults as both a clinician and an arts educator provides a rich foundation as we continue to enhance programming and strengthen community partnerships. Meet the team.

Out & About with Safety in Mind

Downtown Bath’s Maine Street Design Co. hosted ArtVan over Early Bird weekend. Shannon soaked in the sun as she caught up with ArtVan supporters and met new friends. Stop by MSDC, Mockingbird Books, or The Mix to pick up ArtVan cards and journals today.