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'Hats for Sale'

an artful fundraiser with Altered Couture’s Christine DeTroy

Join a community of makers, artists, and supporters everywhere in crafting a hat that can inspire others. Many may be purchased to support ArtVan. Please contact the artist directly to purchase.

Now, more than ever, artistic expression and imaginative play are vital to strengthen resilience and empowerment among all ages, especially youth! Please join us in helping keep ArtVan’s work in the arts rolling along.


Kharris x ArtVan

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Art – in whatever form you have within you – can give you a breather when nothing else can ...

Kharris Brill, Artist

Kharris moved to Maine from Utah in 1989. She lived on Peaks Island for seven years, attended a year at Portland School Of Art (now MECA), and then bought and restored a house in South Portland. Since 2008, Kharris has been living in Bath with her husband, Ken. Kharris makes stained glass, batik, found object collages, pencil sketches, and furniture. Using mostly found objects, she re-imagines anything she salvages. Most of her work has been self-taught, learning new tools and techniques as she goes. She ran a small shop, Kharris B, in downtown Bath for a few years, but now works out of her studio at home.

KB: Just a general obsession with anything that would make a mark.  Needless to say, there were damaged walls in the process.  It’s something that’s always been in my head that I feel compelled to express through my hands – taking many different forms for as long as I can remember.”

A few years ago, Jamie Silvestri, ArtVan’s Founder/Art Therapist, came into Kharris’ shop with a storefront on the side of Reny’s parking lot in Bath. Jamie shared about her work with ArtVan and engaging with the community – bringing the joy of art-making to those who had no means to access it. Fascinated with ArtVan’s vision and dedication, Kharris and Ken Brill have been ardent supporters ever since!

KB: Mostly my inspiration is out of the blue. Kind of an ‘Ah hah!’ moment. Many years ago, I had an opportunity to help a friend clear belongings of his mother, artist Judy Brown. She made sculptures out of junk metal pieces – she was a tiny woman who made 15 foot high welded together sculptures in her side yard. Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve found changing sources of inspiration – it’s kind of a weird rambling journey for me.


Find ArtVan handmade journals, cards, and Wilbur’s of Maine ArtVan chocolates around Bath & Brunswick. Interested in ArtVan at your shop or hosting a pop-up day with us? We’d love to hear from you!

– The Mix, Brunswick

 – Mockingbird Books, Bath

– Pitter Patter, Bath

– Maine Street Design Co, Bath




Head to Don’s Redemption Center on 786 Middle St. and tell them you’d like to donate your deposit to ArtVan. If you use CLYNK, click on the donations tab in your online account and search for ArtVan.

Recycling, re-purposing, and keeping supplies affordable not only reduces what goes to the landfill, but also inspires a sense of wholeness,
creativity, and opportunity to tap into our imaginations!”


Our art materials come from a variety of sources, like bulk online orders, local donations, and household items that can be repurposed safely.

If after exploring our project lists, you have items outside our wish list, please be in touch and send photos to

The Mix Art Supplies Shop at 53 Maine Street in Brunswick is a local drop off location! 


Brunswick Artist, Maria Castellano-Usery, hosts her 62nd Brushstrokes with Impact socially-distant and virtually in her garage. A percentage of sales were donated to ArtVan. Hosting fundraisers like Maria’s makes a big impact because both artist and ArtVan are supported!