Tessa Hayes Describes Experience at Highlands in Topsham

“During our last session at the Highlands in Topsham, we worked on a project with people living with Alzheimer’s in which they created stories about a favorite memory. When I check in with Linda*, I asked her about her children. She struggled to remember their names and a look of hopelessness washed over her face. Through art-making in a safe space, she was able to go further back in time, remembering that she and her family used to have picnics by the lake, and that late afternoon was her favorite time of day. Linda’s description transformed me into my own memories of sunset over the water, fish lips summoning rippling rings, and dragonflies skimming the water’s surface.  We had a moment of existing in a shared memory, setting and connecting in the present moment. I read her story back to her and Linda smiled saying ‘Yes, I think that’s accurate.'”

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*name changed