The “Eyes” of March – The Cryer x Creative Share

This month’s Creative Share is inspired by a community, collaborative mural we facilitated in Downtown Bath at the innovative indoor Beacon Park, sponsored by Union + Co and supported by Main Street Bath. This blank canvas offered a chance for elementary and middle-school Youth to envision what community means, to express these reflections, and simply spend some time safely having a blast painting on walls!

As the chilling temps and wintry mixes inspire both outdoor and indoor play, perhaps there are ways you can incorporate materials and insights found in your day! Some questions to ponder as you craft your own expression of an Eye: What does your Eye look back on? What does your Eye look forward to? What are you celebrating?

With March already full of traditions from the Ides of March to St Patrick’s Day and symbolism from the full moon, we invite you to take some time, once, weekly, maybe even daily, to “Create an Eye of March” and share it with your friends. To keep the thread of community going, we are offering prizes to individuals and businesses who send photos of their artwork to

And like each month moving forward, we’re always looking for sponsorships and collaborations. Do you know of a business that would like to give back? We’d love to get in touch!