Welcome guest artist: Marita Kennedy – Castro! “What’s your Beat”

We are so excited to be hosting Marita Kennedy- Castro as a guest artists at our BMS program next Tuesday. Marita will be teaching a West African drum and dance class, using the 5 gallon bucket drums that the youth artists have been personalizing with paint, tape, and other media during our three week session on “What’s your beat?”.

This project is  made possible by Terri Driscoll of Maine Home Realty (mainehomerealty.com) and Sara Brenner, a friend a fan of ArtVan. These community partnerships bring such richness and potential to the youth we serve as well as the artists and community members who support these programs. By bringing community artists into our programs, our youth make connections with the greater community… inspiring creativity, new perspective and skills, and potential involvement in the arts in larger Maine community of artists, classes, and careers. In addition they learn a multitude of skills during the program such as (in this case): communication, emotional regulation, and social skills among others. Art and music are a safe way to work on these skills, and fun!

More about Marita:


Marita is currently completing a B.A. at Goddard College, majoring in Dance & Performing Arts for Healing & Social Change. Marita has studied dance throughout her life with a primary focus in West African dance since 1999. She is also a fire dancer, stilt walker, aerialist, singer and physical theatre performer. Marita was a performing member of Ashé West African Drum & Dance Ensemble and Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theatre Company before moving to Maine where she offers classes and workshops in West African dance and fire poi to a range of ages and ability levels at studios, schools and universities.        FMI visit:      embodytherhythm.com