ArtVan Participants

Our Core Neighborhood programs are communities we work with year round. These are low-income housing developments that receive free services from ArtVan in the form of after-school programming during the school year and workshops during the summer.

We consider our core neighborhoods as follows:AV participants

– Broadview Acres (Auburn)             – Maritime Apartments (Bath)

– Family Development (Lewiston)      – Perryman Village (Brunswick)

– Hyde Park (Bath)


Within the Core Neighborhood program, we have two ongoing projects to better serve the needs of our older artists.

  • The ArtVan Apprenticeship Project provides experiential training for 4-6 select youth artists each year to work with individual professional artists as learners and trainees. Alongside professional artists, youth apprentices gains knowledge and experience in art, business, and communication skills through social networking and face-to-face connections in the arts and larger communities. The professional artists are experienced and trusted advisors in the art medium and business aspects of the profession. Youth apprentices participate in this program for free; professional artists are paid by ArtVan.


Our Community Partnership Programs (CPP) are short-term collaborations or one time events with local community centers, organizations or festivals. The client must find funding to bring ArtVan to provide services; services are negotiable according to the needs of the client. If you are interested in hiring us, please contact Chris,, or Jamie,

Here is a list of our Fee for Service Programs during the summer of 2018:

  • Bacon Street Neighborhood, sponsored by CDBG (Biddeford)
  • Oliver Place (Bath)
  • Center for Wisdom’s Women (Lewiston)
  • River Valley Village (Auburn)
  • Congress Square Park (Portland)
  • Events: Brunswick Downtown Association, Brunswick Peace Fair, LL Bean Event, Bacon Street Festival, and ArtWalks in Brunswick.